Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5 Effortless and Effective Alternatives to Liposuction

Of course, all of us are aware of the term "liposuction"or the surgical removal of fats. And we've heard and read stories of the risks involved in this process. That's why a lot are NOT already considering it given its possible adverse outcome, cost and lengthy recovery. But thanks to the advent of non-surgical methods that effectively remove fats without undergoing through a surgeon's knife. Though these methods are not indicated as a form of weight loss, let us keep in mind that these are just "adjuncts" and does not necessarily elicit weight loss but rather, "fat loss"which is specific to the area being treated. This in turn provides body contour and a slimmer figure on the area subjected to treatment.  A sensible diet and exercise are still needed to maintain the result. 

1. LipoCavitation

Cavitation is one of the favorite alternative to liposuction. It is painless, scar free and does not require an anesthesia. All it takes is a 30 minute procedure per body part and voila, instant circumferemce reduction of around 2-10 cm per session with increasing result after each visit.. This treatment utilizes a low frequency ultrasound that creates bubbles in the liquid which eventually grow and implode at a certain size resulting to vibratory energy in the surrounding fat cells. Since our fats do not have the structural capacity to withstand vibrations, the effect of cavitation easily breaks them and the result is instant fat loss while sparing the vital tissues such as the blood vessels, nervous and muscular tissues. Disrupted fat cells go into the lymphatics for further disposal.

2. Radiofrequency (RF)

This treatment is very effective especially when you are packing with fats coupled with unsightly cellulites.  It involves the use of radiofrequency energy to heat up and tighten tissues to boost blood flow and break down cellulites and fats. It sends a penetrating heat under the skin without damaging it, in order to break down fat cells and at the same time stimulate collagen production, to improve tone and elasticity of the skin. It is especially recommended for mothers who have just became pregnant and have sagging bellies.  Radiofrequency machines have greatly improve in technology, from monopolar to tripolar ones like Regen. Advanced generation of this machine is correlated with faster results  The treatment is very safe and has no downtime. Best combined with LipoCavitation.

3. Biotone

This is an electronic muscle stimulation device that can make your muscles contract passively with the precision of effectively isolating it during contractions. When we workout, although we only wish to target  certain muscle areas, there are certain areas that are also being made to contract inappropriately because of poor or incorrect execution, which can result in injuries most of the time. By placing Biotone’s electrode pads, muscles under it are made to contract passively. This stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in the area resulting in concomitant fat loss.

4 & 5.  Mesotherapy and Intralipotherapy

These procedures involve injection of fat dissolving homeopathic mixtures to the fat itself.  This causes breakdown of fat cells in a process known as chemical lipolysis.  This is a popular treatment for body contouring in France for nearly 40 years or so now. After injection, fats become soft and the area injected is warm to the touch signifying that the substance injected is evenly distributing itself. The area injected will swell for a couple of days but after that, marked reduction in size can be noted. The procedure can be repeated every 2 weeks or until desired outcome is achieved.


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Facial Treatments from the Expert

Do you always wish to have an effective facial treatment that could help solve the blemishes and break outs off your face?Did your skin already suffer traumatic injuries due to improper facial techniques done by a non-dermatologist?  In our clinic, we are offering facial treatments where the pricking and extraction of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads) is done no other than by our dermatologist himself, Dr. Jason C. Waltenspiel. We must realize that our skin is just another VITAL organ and should only be taken cared of by a doctor who understands skin better than the rest of us.

Basic Facial Services
(With Dermatologist's Treatment)

Whitening Facial

This is an ideal maintenance treatment that keeps your skin blemish free after an intensive whitening treatment at home or at your doctor’s clinic.  A very effective whitening serum is infused on the skin after a deep facial cleansing.  This is done using a galvanic machine that effectively transport this whitening serum deep into the skin, where most pigmentations or dark spots lie and targets them in an instant.  This leaves your skin refreshed, clear and a visible brightness is achieved right after the treatment.

P500.00/ session

Age-Defy Facial
This treatment is dermatologically designed to minimize fine lines by incorporating a potent anti-aging serum that penetrates deep into the skin after a deep facial cleansing.  This fully complements any anti-aging treatments that you may have at home or in your dermatologist’s office, thus an ideal maintenance to keep sagging skin and wrinkles at bay. A visibly refreshed and firmer look is achieved right after the treatment.

P 500.00/ session

Skin Master Men’s Facial
This is specifically designed for today’s active lifestyle of men of all ages.  Men tends to shy away from facial treatments thinking that it is only for women. Wherein fact, the hormonal influence of androgen in men makes them more prone to have an excessively oily skin, acne break outs and dead surface cell accumulation than women.  These factors when left untreated results to large open pores, bumps, and eventually facial scarring in the future.  Dermatological breakthroughs has included men in their research, and effectively designed a specific treatment program exclusively for them that would definitely please and awe any women they come face to face.

P600.00/ session

Complete and Advanced Facial Services
(With Dermatologist's Treatment)

Total Whitening Facial
This complete special whitening treatment consists of hydrojet with diamond peeling and infusion of whitening serum to maximize each client’s whitening potential.  This treatment is good for those who wants to have a brighter face in an instant!

P1,200.00/ session

Total Age-Defy Facial
A complete line of facial treatment that combats the signs of aging.  This treatment includes hydrojet with diamond peeling and infusion of age lift serum to minimize fine lines and instantly lift a sagging face.  Galvanic treatment gives an instant rejuvenation boost! Good for those skin who are under stressed and experiencing one or few signs of skin aging.

P1,200.00/ session

Classic Hydrojet Facial
This is a fairly new alternative treatment where water and vitamins are sprayed over the skin at supersonic speed sloughing off dead cells to give a deep hydration to the skin.  This treatment dramatically improves appearance of the skin reducing fine lines, clearing off unwanted pigmentation , blackheads and whiteheads.

P1,000.00/ session

Classic Diamond Peel
This treatment gently abrades the dead upper skin cell layer to give a refreshing glow and an instantly revived complexion by using a microdermabrader whose tip is studded with diamond crystals.  This procedure is so quick that client can attend to whatever errands after the treatment without any downtime.

P800.00/session (ON PROMO - NOW ONLY P680.00)

Combi-Peel Facial
This treatment is great for oily skin with some blackheads and whiteheads.  This facial treatment consists of the application of 20% to 40%AHA (Glycolic) or PHA solution to loosen cohesiveness of skin cells thereby promoting a brighter and silky smooth complexion, regulating surface oil or sebum and eventually minimizing appearance of zits.  This is combined with classic diamond peel for an instantly rosy glow.


Pumpkin Enzyme Facial
A fragrant yet mild treatment for dry and distressed skin with uneven skin tone.  Pumpkin is a fruit enzyme exfoliation accelerator and a powerful anti-oxidant rich in Beta-carotene, Vitamins A and C, and Alpha Hydroxy Acids that promote a healthy skin cell turnover by encouraging production of collagen and elastin.  This leaves your skin soft, smooth and noticeably more even in tone.  You’ll be amazed at how your skin looks after the treatment.


InstaLIFT Facial Sculpting
This treatment is a non-surgical alternative for mild to moderate facial sagging.  An ideal treatment for clients who seek to have a more sculptured face.  This is made possible by combining the power of Cavitation and Radiofrequency treatments.  The cavitation melts away the fats along the face and jowl lines and the Radiofrequency reinforces collagen fibers to contract to give an instant firmness to the skin.  This will instantly eliminate double chins and makes skin firmer and appear lifted .  This is complimented by a complete facial treatment with diamond peel , galvanic treatment along with infusion of anti-aging and firming serum imported from Brazil.


Friday, July 23, 2010

The Miracle Cure for Melasma

     Melasma or in our own native language, "pekas", is a common skin condition affecting asians especially when they can't prevent having themselves exposed under the sun. Though the etiology or the cause is unknown, there is a causal relationship between female hormonal activity to the occurence of melasma.  But still the most important factor in the development of melasma is exposure to sunlight. Without the strict avoidance of sunlight, potentially successful treatments for melasma are doomed to fail.

     In clinical practice, common treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, stem cell therapy or any procedures that can gently exfoliate the surface layer of the skin can help minimize darkening but for some patients, this will take a lot of sessions and patients can spend a fortune on this while trying to wait for their dark patches to eventually subside.  This condition is so stubborn to treatments that patients might eventually give up and feel frustrated.
     When confronted by a patient with this condition, I am frank to tell  the real score about melasma, never promising guaranteed results after several treatments.  This is only until when I met people from Body_estetic Laboratories and invited me over to their symposium.  Body_estetic is an international company from Spain that innovated the breakthrough non-hydroquinone based peel for melasma.  I said "breakthrough" because this peeling is very different from the ones which dermatologists do to their patients.  This treatment comes in a kit that includes clinic use for doctors and home use for patients, themselves, which they would apply daily.  I said "different" because usually chemical peeling is done in a form of any chemicals meant to exfoliate a layer of skin cells that literally burns the skin. And also the experience of patients subjected to this conventional peeling procedures, especially for melasma are sometimes tragic because of the pain (intense burning sensation). The chemical is applied on the face not only once but thrice to even five times until a desired frosting is achieved.  But the COSMELAN peel is very different. Patients can not feel any pain during and after application and the peeling is in cream form which after a while, resembles a mask. The expected results - after a week, the "melasma" which the patient  has been keeping for a long time will eventually lighten noticeably. And on the second session during the third week, it is barely recognizable. We tried this on our patient in the clinic and we can't believe the results.  Our patient who has been in the clinic for about a year now has tried various peeling procedures every now and then in an attempt to lighten her hyperpigmentation. But honestly, we have only afforded a slight to moderate improvement on her condition.  But with the use of  COSMELAN, only a single application can really tell the difference. There is at least 70% significant lightening only after the first session.  She underwent her second session only last week and we are quite anxious to see her again in the clinic for the outcome.  Here are compilation of pictures from the company's website that brought us COSMELAN  just to show you some results.

All I can say is COSMELAN is a miracle! In fact, it is being endorsed by a lot of celebrities now including Ms. Kris Aquino, herself. And a lot of stories were written about this miracle product. Click here for the article in The Philippine Star about Cosmelan.  You can also google it yourself to learn more about this great product!

COSMELAN is available in our clinic and in any other dermatology clinics nationwide.  If interested, you can call us at 836-2346 to schedule a free consultation with our doctor.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

RF Diathermy - Hope for Cellulites

Cellulites presents as skin dimpling that looks like a "cottage cheese" that is commonly seen among adult women of all races. It is commonly spotted on the thighs and buttocks making it aesthetically unappealing and is one of the source of embarrassment amongst women. If you are one among the many sufferers of cellulites, probably, you have already tried plenty of treatments ranging from creams, lotions and even exercise but to no avail.

Cellulites appear to be bundles of fatty connective tissues that envelope the muscle. They are held together in place by a network of fibers that eventually thickens because of poor blood circulation primarily due to lack of physical activity or exercise. They become hard to treat, the so called stubborn areas, if left ignored for a long time.

The Radiofrequency (RF) Diathermy can able to change the shape of fat cells and shrink and remodel the connective tissue that forms this unsightly condition. This technology presents as a non-invasive, effective and long lasting way to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of cellulites.

RF Diathermy:

1. Applies deep dermal heating to the fat bundles to bring about new collagen formation and skin remodelling.

2. Stimulates the enhancement of blood circulation that helps drain trapped fatty deposits and toxins.

3. Its thermal activity serves to shrink fat cells.